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P2 Guided Composition Writing Workbook with Models
Author: K Rajamanikam/Merle Celine Magness

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A step-by-step guide to writing brilliant compositions with 120 picture and situational graded exercises and 120 models. For the Singapore and International School Systems. A4 353 page pdf ebook
Your child develops confidence in writing in 4 steps, by writing::

*20 compositions by rearranging paragraphs in correct order
*25 compositions by filling in the blanks with helping words and phrases, and then, without
*30 compositions by writing one, two and three paragraphs
*45 whole compositions

In addition, to aid writing, there are 1,000 helping words and phrases. Grammar Points/Riddles/Jokes/Fun Facts/Wise Sayings are added too.

Through the compositions, children learn how to get along with others. The compositions teach values subtly they build character. These values include:

*Care and respect for parents, siblings, teachers, the elderly and people of different races,
*Ethics (the difference between right and wrong),
*Love and care for nature and the environment
*Road safety and many others

Visit our website: http://www.trilifewritingsuccess.com for 30 free exercises and models and to learn more about the authors.

THIS EBOOK CAN ONLY BE READ ON WINDOWS XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10. This ebook is locked to one computer and cannot be written on, printed, copied or shared.

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Item: P2 Guided Composition Writing Workbook with Models
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