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Architectural Concrete Serves as Shear Wall
Author: The Aberdeen Group
Price: FREE
Architectural as well as structural, the shear walls were cast with a ribbed exterior surface.
Architecture Fashion
Author: Next
Price: FREE
Having researched and considered weather, temperature, humidity and air movement when designing your seasonal fashion collection, try taking the same approach to a building.
Conservation Development
Author: Christoph Deuker
Price: FREE
Essay on Ontological Reasoning for Conservation between Nature and Culture
ESAI Estimator for Aerial Imagery - S2n-15-05-01
Author: CDeuker U. Franke
Price: FREE
ESAI – Estimator for Aerial Imagery. Density estimation for Wildlife Monitoring using vertical imagery in aerial field research.
From Waste to Fuel - S2n-17-07-01
Author: CDeuker
Price: €7.00 (Euro)
From Waste to Fuel. New insights into the function of lactate in physiology
INFOPRIK >Thema-02
Author: Detremerie F.
Price: €3.00 (Euro)
INFOPRIK. Thema-02: hydrostatica

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