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National Strategy for Math Sciences in Australia
Author: Prof. Hyam Rubinstein
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Most of the great innovations that have changed the way people live over the past two centuries were enabled by mathematics.
Without mathematics, there would be no cars, no planes, no mobile phone networks, no electric lights, and certainly no computers.<BR>
Our dependency upon mathematics, moreover, is steadily increasing. The sequencing of the human genome was as much a triumph of mathematics as it was an achievement in biological science. The challenges of predicting our climate and our economy will only be resolved by using mathematics. The pervasiveness of computers has drastically increased the need for ordinary citizens to understand mathematics.<BR>
Mathematics is not just important. It is a critical skill that every Australian citizen should be able to develop in order to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Mathematics enables technological innovation in our world. It is elemental to all forms of commerce. It is the foundation upon which all sciences and all areas of engineering depend.
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Item: National Strategy for Math Sciences in Australia
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