Over There with the Australians

Over There with the Australians
Author: R. Hugh Knyvett
Price: FREE
Written in 1918. contribution made by the freemen who live across the ocean of peace from you to *make the world safe for democracy.*
I also have the hope that the stories of personal experience will make real to you some of the men whose bodies have been for three years part of that human rampart that has kept your homes from desolation, and your daughters from violation, and that you will speed in sending them succor as though the barrier had broken and the bestial Hun were even now, with lust dominant, smashing at your own door.

1 Boys Own Paper.

2 *Ben* was the living-room of a Scotch cottage where only intimate friends were admitted. Ian MacLaren says of a very good man: *He was far ben wi God.*


Just where the white man*s continent pushes the tip of its horn among the eastern lands there is a black man*s land half
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