Protected eBooks for Dummies

Protected eBooks for Dummies
Author: William Kent
Price: FREE
Being the founder of what we know as copy protection for use on the Internet, William is undoubtedly the most informed authority on copy protection and DRM solutions &#38#40Ken Douglas - Addmine Reviews
Writing eBooks, whether for fiction, documentation or for tutorials can be intensive work and as a living, the author needs to be paid to survive to live another day and publish more. So forwarding to others to use for free is robbing the author of his livelihood, and a despicable practice that needs to be kept in check.

Piracy of media is a most popular hobby and in some countries its a national pastime where the public can openly shop and purchase pirated music, books and software. The penalties for such piracy, even in countries where Copyright has been reformed, are not a strong enough deterrent and thanks to the public thirst for whatever can be obtained for free, copy protection can seem like a futile battle.

For authors an alternative is to distribute eBooks that can be opened and read only by those who pay for the privilege, providing samples prior to purchase and then delivering the complete book only after payment. While this might sound a viable solution, it does not prevent anyone from forwarding a copy of their eBook to others, and at worse, an authors first sale could end up being mass distributed via a &#38#34share&#38#34 network.
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