Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 2

Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 2
Author: David Lammin
Price: £4.99 (Pound Sterling)
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 2 'Skateboarding beyond boyhood and brotherhood'.
Book 2 sees our skateboarder transition into life as a teenager and move away from his place of birth to live 80 miles away and attend a new college of further education in the hope of pursuing a path into a career in sport. Little does he know the private turmoil to unfold in his life dictated to by his persistent 'divine unconscious shadows' and how skateboarding once again plays a pivotal and positive role in his day-to-day existence.

Indeed, as he becomes marginalised from the 'sports crowd' at college he soon resurrects a full-on life dominated by how to become a genius technical street skateboarder. This runs counter to the expectations placed upon him by teachers/family and eventually leads to a major conflict in his psyche culminating in him dropping out of A Levels and college. He returns home in the hope his old skate bro's will once again accept him as part of the skate brotherhood.

At the same time he witnesses the 'phat pants and tiny wheel' era in skateboarding first-hand as vertical ramp riding is decidedly cast aside in favour of modern, technical 'flip-trick' skateboarders. a fascinating era full of transitional change and turmoil.

But by the end of 1995 our young skateboarder now presenting as a 'man' is disillusioned with his life and the increased generic 'popsicle world' of skateboarding and thus in an attempt to 'move on' he leaves to university far away in the hope of 'Embracing Adulthood'.
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