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Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 3

Author: David Lammin

Price: £4.99 (Pound Sterling)

Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 3 'Embracing Adulthood as a Skateboarder'.

Book 3 sees our skateboarder travel to the other end of the uk to begin what he believes to be a new life at university that will decidedly open the doorway to adulthood and a meaningful career and banish his 'divine unconscious shadows' once and for all. Although beginning with positive intentions, soon much turmoil again unfolds in his life dictated to by the 'divine unconscious shadows' that privately haunted him as a boy and youth.

Accordingly, his grand plans at university soon go to pieces and in reaction, he again embraces skateboarding as an escapist activity. And yet day-to-day demands of university life remain and sharply call for his attention a reality he is unwilling to concede. These tensions eventually collide in a serious head trauma whilst out skating. An event that finally awakens him to the reality he is repeating old, destructive cycles. As such, he applies himself as never before at university and he begins to achieve the academic success he has always been capable of. A bright future in academia beckons.

However, in the unexpected horrors of developing acute M.E our skateboarder almost dies and is left bed and house bound for years on end whilst facing overwhelming medical and social scepticism. In the midst of much darkness and isolation, miraculously from nowhere, skateboarding re-emerges in his life as the world of skateboard collecting fuels his fires of skate and personal resurrection as never before. A path that unexpectedly leads him back to a boyhood skateboard fantasy land in a disused mfi car park as his only source of solace and channelling in the world. In this boyhood skateboard fantasy land and karmic bonfire, he finally awakens to the divine aspect inherent, but largely unconscious in all. In doing so, his consciousness is altered forever as he intuitively and spontaneously becomes enlightened.

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