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P3 Composition Writing Workbook S'pore/World

Author: K Rajamanikam / Merle Celine Magness

Price: ₱5.00 (Singapore Dollars)

100 exercises with models teach children how to write picture and situational compositions. Latest Singapore School Syllabus. Download free samples from

Your child learns how to write picture and situational compositions In 100 step-by-step, guided composition writing exercises (50 picture and 50 situational) with models by:

*Rearranging paragraphs in correct order in 10 compositions
*Filling in the blanks with helping words and phrases in 10 compositions
*Writing one, two and then three paragraphs in 30 compositions
*Writing 50 complete compositions

Each exercise comes with:

*10-12 helping words and phrases (All exercises)
*4 helping points (Exercises 30 to 100)
*5 story ideas (Exercises 30 to 100)
*A model essay with writing tips (found at the end of the book)

Through the compositions, your child learns how to get along with others and learns values that build character, such as:

*Care and respect for parents, siblings, teachers, the elderly and people of different races,
*Ethics (the difference between right and wrong),
*Love and care for nature and the environment
*Road safety and many others

Download 30 sample exercises and models from our website:

Published 22 March 2018, ISBN No. 978-981-11-6815-4, Format: PDF for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, A4 size, 301 pages.

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