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P5 International Composition Writing Workbook
Author: K Rajamanikam/Merle Celine Magness

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A step-by-step guide to writing brilliant compositions. International School Systems. A4 300 page pdf ebook ISBN: 978-981-11-1091-7
With 100 graded exercises (50 picture and 50 situational) and 100 models, your child develops confidence in writing in 2 steps, by writing:

*50 compositions by writing one, two and three paragraphs
*50 whole compositions

There are also aids to writing:

*1,000 Helping Words and Phrases
*400 Helping Points
*500 Ideas for Stories
*100 Authors' Tips

Through the compositions, children learn how to get along with others. The compositions teach values subtly they build character. These values include:

*Care and respect for parents, siblings, teachers, the elderly and people of different races,
*Ethics (the difference between right and wrong),
*Love and care for nature and the environment
*Road safety and many others

Visit our website: http://www.trilifewritingsuccess.com for 30 free exercises and models and to learn more about the authors.

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