From Waste to Fuel - S2n-17-07-01

From Waste to Fuel - S2n-17-07-01
Author: CDeuker
Price: €7.00 (Euro)
From Waste to Fuel. New insights into the function of lactate in physiology
Lately I read a paper about new insights into the function of lactate that really thrilled me [Wahl, P. 2009]. In this paper, everything I learned at University about energy physiology in muscles was upside down and together with this new paradigm, some problems between theory and practical experiences we used to discuss vanished instantly.

This S2n – Feature describes the new Lactate Shuttle physiology [s. Brooks, G. A. 1985b] in contrast to the former theory of muscle energy metabolisms. Beginning with a short review to the old theory of muscle physiology, the radical change to these findings of lactate shuttle illustrate the new paradigm. The aim of this feature is not to recapitulate all details of contemporary research in physiology, but to point out the fundamental effects of the lactate shuttle to physiology with regard to energy consumption.
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